Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ziggle Review and Stories

We've had so much fun playing with the Ziggle we received to try out from House Party, that I just wanted to share some of our videos.

(I thought he was taking a picture, not video)

Here's the boys, getting clever on how to stop fighting over the Ziggle:

(If that video had continued, you'd have seen their favorite thing to do with the toy:  crash into their toys in the living room)

And here's what I thought of it in my review for Chatterbox:
We have predominantly used this inside the house on hardwood floors.  The kids zoom through our open floor plan.  They've tried it as singles (which usually results in arguing or a parent having to set a timer) or sometimes they work as a team to get the thing going in a totally wild manner.

Mom tried it out to serious giggles for all; it was so much fun that I can understand why the kids fight over the Ziggle.

It was pretty easy to put together, though one of the caps has fallen out a few times (perhaps because of the repeated banging on the door moulding it has taken as corners are taken too narrowly...  serious fun sometimes requires makes some serious damage!).

I can't say enough good things about this toy.  It makes me want to have a home with a flat outdoor surface; this would get so much use without the previously mentioned moulding damage!  I love that this accomodates both our boys (it's listed for ages 3-8) and will do so for a really long time.

And here you can see why and where our moulding is getting damaged!