Sunday, January 18, 2009

Round Here....

A has taken a liking to his blanket. It isn't full on Linus just yet, but there are times when he MUST bring his blanket out of his crib and downstairs with him. We have a rule that he cannot eat and hold his blanket, but this rule has proven problematic if he takes a nap before eating. If I wake him up to eat, he is still sleepy and wants his blanket, screaming if it's taken away. I've tried getting him to like the smaller ones that are around, but sometimes only the big blanket will do.

Monkey see, monkey do is in full effect around here. First, A took the Swiffer Duster from me and was dusting the house--the floor in particular. So cute. Then he took the Dry mop from me and was walking around the house sweeping the floor. Today, we went out for breakfast. He must have seen us putting syrup on our pancakes, because he took a creamer and "poured" it out over his plate. Finally, I think I mentioned on here before that he has taken to giving us raspberries on our bellies and tickling our tummies.

A loves to dance; if he hears any music at all, he starts moving.

Words continue to grow. I definitely heard "bye bye" today, and "ewwww" has become a favorite. "Apples," "Elmo," "Kitty," "Duckie," "Mama," "Dada," "Cup," "tree," Car, Cookie, cereal, Puffs, More, and cheese. I can't think of any others right now.