Thursday, March 12, 2009

Easter Pictures

We took A to Picture People today. What a difference a few months makes; he was so well behaved and totally into the photographer, even letting her grab his legs. I figure daycare has gotten him used to other people. We were really sad we don't have money to throw around like crazy because they brought out this 5 frame extravaganza, with a beautiful frame and mat, with all the pictures we love the best, but it cost $150. Paying $4 (after coupons, discounts, and what remained of our "membership"), so worth it for these three pictures.

I will add the link to the rest of the gallery when I get it.

Oh! And one of the pictures (not one of these, ironically, or even the one the photographer said was her favorite) is going up on the wall at Picture People! Wheee; my boy is going to be famous! We will have to go back soon to see it on the wall!