Sunday, May 31, 2009

22 months

A is my little mimic. It's so funny, because although he can't bear sometimes to be without his Daddy, he mimics Mommy way more than he does Daddy. Should I get the hiccups, so does A. Should I start to cough, so does he. I drank some water and then wiped my mouth with my wrist, and he did the same.

It went further last night, when we couldn't really get A to eat at a picnic a friend had. He wasn't interested in eating pretty much anything. Then, we sat him next to R, who was eating a hot dog. Not only did A then eat it (in exactly the same way), but he also ate it even faster than R, and went on to eat some pasta salad too. Hmmmm.

As far as what A is doing these days... he ADORES his trains. He used to be ok holding one, but now that he has two trains, he needs to have one in each hand. That said, every time we've encountered another kid, A has pretty automatically handed one of the trains over. It's so cute!

He also asks for Mickey Mouse daily. Mickey has passed Elmo very quickly. He does still ask for the Wiggles (suckers moved the time slot, but we rely on the library for the Wiggles now).

Getting A dressed is usually very easy, but if I want him to wear shoes other than his sneakers, I need to take him downstairs to do it. I get no complaint whatsoever if I do that, but I CANNOT get shoes other than his sneakers on in his room. He MUST wear shoes, and hates being barefoot or even in stocking feet.

He loves to go for bike rides, and we have to avoid passing any slides on the way or we have to promise to stop. A loves to push the "button" and open and close the garage door. Same goes for daycare, he loves to press the button for sign in at the computer.

In general, A will say Thank you without prompting. Please will be said, but it always needs prompting. At school, "sorry" means not only saying you're sorry, but also giving a hug, so that's the way it goes around here. :)

Putting on sunscreen isn't a problem now that that do it regularly at school. A loves to be outside, and loves to play with the shovel, and loves to help water plants. If we are using a rake or broom or anything like that, he wants to do so as well.

We've started to put together A's new room that we'll work on this summer, and hopefully move him into as well. In addition to the bed, we bought some bedding as well. It's just a matter now of getting everything out, figuring out paint and stuff, and putting all that belongs back in.

He's starting to take an interest in the potty, and will sit on it if we do. Something else we'll work on this summer.

We're excited for this summer with A, and there's only 15 more days of school for me!!!! YIPPIE!!