Sunday, May 3, 2009

Long time, no see

A's vocabulary has been erupting lately. We can't keep up with all the words he says, but among some of his adorable phrases, we've heard him say:

  • "Wipe your feet!"
  • "Thank you, Mommy"
  • "Night, Night, Daddy."
He has also started to differentiate between the two cats, and can now sort of say Mitten.
OUTSIDE is a frequent demand.

He gets better every day at going up and down stairs on his feet.

He has discovered fully the joys of splashing in the tub. I now close the curtain while he goes to town, and he has so much fun, as long as I poke my head around once in awhile. He also recognizes the soap I use and starts to fuss when I put it on the washcloth because it got in his eyes once... he also starts rubbing his eyes as soon as he sees. This makes it really tough to figure out if I actually got soap in his eyes or not.

A has also started using Bepah interchangeably between his grandfathers. We think this means older man, because he tells us nearly every day that he saw Bepah at school... maybe one of the other kids' grandfather picks him/her up?

He loves going on bike rides. Unfortunately, the weather has been really crummy the past few days, so we haven't gotten out. M and I marvel every time that he was SO small last year that his head didn't come to the top of the seat and his feet dangled, but this year is so much different. He loves to wear his helmet (hat! hat!) and also likes his sunglasses when we ride.

A continues to be a very even tempered guy. He does have his tantrums, but we can usually manage them pretty well... for now, at least!

He loves to walk holding each of our hands, which means he wants to swing. He even says "One, two three, Swiiiing," just like we do...

A continues to be such a Daddy's boy. If he's sleepy, he will cry if M even goes to do the laundry (which is in view of the room A hangs out in).

We've had some fun adventures in the beautiful weather.. last weekend, we went to Rutgers Day. We did a LOT of walking, saw lots of animals (it was also Ag Field Day), and got to pet lots of doggies. A also took his first bus ride, from Busch Campus (near our house) to the Ag College. Ever since, he now says Bus! Bus! whenever he sees one. Sometimes, he holds the sssssss, which cracks me up.

Next weekend, A is going on his first long road trip, when we drive out to Pittsburgh! Hopefully, this will be a pleasant experience for all involved!