Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A's first road trip

We went to Pittsburgh this weekend, to visit some fam and go to a 1st Communion for my cousin.

We went to a 1st birthday party first, in South Jersey. Lucky for us, it wore A out a good deal, and he slept through most of Philadelphia. Other than traffic through Philly, we made really great time. We had dinner in a rest stop, where we also changed A into his jammies. He stayed up later than normal, but did eventually go to sleep, and stayed asleep until we got there.

When we got to K & M's house, we were greeted by their girls and their dog. A was enthralled by the dog, and even allowed K to hold him... that is, until he couldn't see M anymore. We slept in their basement, and A slept sort of in the same room as us (although around a corner), and it went so much better than the last time we slept in the same room.

When we woke up, A went right up to the dog (a golden retriever) and loved her. Everyone was impressed that he wasn't scared of her at all, and of course conversations about when we would get a dog started too. The girls still love him, and are so nice with him, and J was pretty good too (although getting him to share his toys was a little tough).

At one point, M asked A if he wanted to go see the people, and A started saying, "Hi, People!" This, we quickly learned does not mean adult people, but instead, kid people. When he encountered a room ful of adults, "Hi People!" didn't happen. In addition to hearing "Hi People!" every time we came up from teh basement, we also heard, "Doggie? Woof!"

In Church, we had a bit of a hard time. M took him into the vestibule for awhile, and when he tried to return, A said "Mommy!" then when he saw I was sitting in a pew, started pulling M back out.

As far as heading home, A did pretty well on the ride. He didn't do as well as the way out, of course, because he wasn't as sleepy. He did take 2-2 hour naps, which was really impressive. Luckily, the max he could take in the car was about the same as the time we needed to get out of the car too, so it corresponded well with our lunch stop. Instead of getting something quick, we took my first visit to a Cracker Barrel restaurant so we could sit down and stretch out the meal a little longer.

I took a good amount of pictures, which I'll put up sometime later. I posted one of the pictures of A in the car on facebook, to which M replied that J woke up asking where the baby was. So cute. Hopefully, we can figure out a way for all of us to get together again over the summer!