Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My boy...

A is one funny dude. Probably only to me, but he makes me laugh.

First up, he's Mommy's little parrot, as I said. I took full advantage of this and taught him to "Make em say UH!" If I raise my hands to say "UH," so does A. Hilarious. I also taught him "Ain't Nuthin but a G Thing, BABY," but we only got the Baby part... perfect intonation though!

When we went to Picture People for his pictures, we rode the escalator and A tried repeating the word. It was very funny to hear "esssssssssssssssscalador."

"What's that?" has become a new game. I didn't know what to do this morning when he asked it about the "Zelf Up on the shelf." What the heck is a Zelf? But I figured he's never going to run into one in real life, so what's the harm. My first reaction was "It's made up," which of course, he repeated.

His hugs and kisses continue to be the best, especially now that he actually puckers up. He wants to "hug! hug!" Mitten and/or Catcher every morning and night when we say good morning or good night. Mitten tolerates, but Catcher runs at any A approach.

A loves all things that GO, but especially airplanes and trains. Any loud noise or siren will have him saying "Firetruck!"

Pictures from our fun day with Grammy and Grampy coming soon!