Monday, June 22, 2009

"You can take him anywhere."

We've been to some big family events in the past week. First, we went to Uncle Mike's funeral. On Monday night, A was exceptionally well behaved at the wake, but on Tuesday, EVERYONE commented on his excellent behavior ALL day. He was excellent during the church service (even when Mommy got up to do a reading), at the cemetery (although he did loudly proclaimed he had to go poopy), and at the reception afterward. In fact, several people mentioned that he really could "go anywhere," and one couple said they hope their child (to be conceived) is like him.

Then, this weekend, we drove out to Punsutawney, which is about a 6 hour drive. He was so unbelievably good for both the trip out and the trip home. He also was very good at the family party AND at the after party (which had him up at least 2 hours beyond bedtime). This kid is truly one well behaved boy... we are so fortunate.

As an aside, one of the cousins told us we should have 12 more, since we make such nice looking babies.