Monday, June 22, 2009

Picture recap

A trip to see Grampy and Grammi. A's first boat ride of the season. He even drove the boat! June 6, 2009

A got to try ribs for the very first time. He LOVED them! June 9, 2009

A got to go to see his friends at H's pool. He was very hesitant to go into the pool, but eventually did. It was so much fun seeing them after so long! June 13, 2009

We took a trip to our new favorite park, Duke Island Park in Bridgewater. We went for a really long walk, saw a waterfall, and saw LOTS of people! June 14, 2009

Being silly with Daddy, A made SOCK puppets. June 17, 2009

Playing blocks with Grammi! June 19, 2009

A put on Daddy's shoes and walked around (a little). June 19, 2009

Mommy wanted to do so things on the computer, and so A wanted to as well. June 21, 2009