Wednesday, September 23, 2009


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Wow, it's been a long time. This year has been very crazy, and really, I have nothing new to report right this second.

A has been doing really well at school, although I'm very surprised to find him still asleep most mornings when I go in to get him up. He has no problem waking up at 6am on SATURDAY, however. His latest weekend thing has been to make the bed rail squeak. With his hand, and then with his feet.

He is OBSESSED with baseball lately. Of course, football has been on tv a lot lately, but he sees that green field and says "baseball game." He asks us to sing the "Baseball song," and sings along to JACK....BACK.... GAME!!!

On that note, he has developed way more of an opinion on his clothing. Most days, he asks for his baseball shirt, which is a shame considering he only has one. He has been opinionated about his shoes for quite some time, but has become very interested in picking out his shirts lately.

He is so funny about the car. He is very aware that Daddy's car is broken, and needs to be fixed. He points to the loaner as Daddy's new car, but he always prefers to ride in Mommy's car.

I had a very good, although very low key birthday. My boys gave me some wonderful gifts, and we went out to dinner. I then got to follow up my birthday with one of the longest days of the school year, Back to School Night. The weather has been stunning, which of course makes being back to school difficult... oh the days of stay at home mom-ness....

As for school itself, it seems to be a good year so far. Lots of things going on around here, although, nothing to really report so much.

As for potty training, it seems to have stalled. The hubbub (is that a word?) of back to daycare and what goes along with it, and he really isn't interested in going to the potty anymore. I guess they're not doing much with it there, and we don't really have the time with him to do much with it on our end.

This boy loves to run and he loves to jump. It's a struggle these days to stop him from jumping in parking lots, and getting him to hold hands has been too. Generally, he does it when it matters, which is what's important, I suppose!!!

More coming VERY soon!