Sunday, September 27, 2009

A real ham

This boy. He frustrates the hell out of us, but he can really really make us smile. It's all in the eyes, you see. This afternoon, while out running errands, M was putting A into the car. I can't remember details, but I feel like they were having a pretend screaming match. A looked over at me and just gave me this look that CRACKED me up. When we're eating, he'll look at me and just start nodding his head, then shaking it, always keeping eye contact with this mischievous expression.

I discovered this little gem on a website I get in my email. It allows you to compare your sun sign with that of your child. The perfect match was my "second sign," having been born on the cusp. A and me, perfect together:

Your Leo child loves performing for you because you make such an affectionate, encouraging, and generally rapt audience. Your little one's flair for drama is apparent from an early age, and she adores being the center of attention. You're a wonderful parent to her in part because you so enjoy her bright, happy energy. Plus, she's naturally popular (which she must have inherited from you!), so playdates, birthday parties, and other get-togethers are fun for both of you.

You can foster your child's natural creativity by taking her to plays, films, art galleries, and museums, and instilling in her your own love of art and performance. Most of all, give her all your affection and encouragement, because although your little Leo seems as courageous as a lion, her pride is easily dented if she doesn't feel she's getting the adoration she craves.