Sunday, October 4, 2009

A's first hockey game

We, along with Bepah and Colleen, took A to his first hockey game last night. We saw the Flyers WIN (YEAH!) over the Devils.

Cell phone self portrait.

Someone somewhere gave A a balloon hat. He looked funny in it, but wasn't very enthusiastic.

A did so so well at the game, despite the bedtime start time! He was so enthusiastic about the game, all the lights, the action, etc, etc etc.

He kept yelling, "Run!" and "Go Mets!"

I have to say, it's way more fun to be a Flyers fan at a Devils game than a Devils fan at a Devils game. M and Bepah walked around in their jerseys and no one said a word to them, but everywhere I went, people cheered at me and my jersey. Even a Newark cop said, "You're raising him a Flyers fan, right??"

After every period, we took A for a walk to stretch and get a change of scene. At one point, we walked around the arena and some guy walking the other way put his hand on A's head. Weird, right?

We were super lucky in that the two seats next to us were empty for most of the game, so A got his own seat. That made him really happy and made it much easier for us.

All in all, a great night. It's reassuring to know A enjoyed it so much that we can bring him back again...even for a 7pm start time!