Thursday, October 15, 2009


My guy is funny these days. Some mornings are VERY difficult, as he screams and thrashes as I try to dress him or put on his coat. However, the other morning, he was simply a joy, and had me cracking up.

First, I'm changing his diaper when he said "Cream on it." Thinking he meant milk or something, I asked what do you mean, to which he replied, "Cream on my butt."

Then, he was in my bathroom with me as I put on my makeup, and grabbed the blusher brush... he used it to brush his hair. "No, Alex, it goes like this:..." and I put on my blush, complete with a little "dee dee dee" as I brushed. I put down my brush, and he did the same on his face, complete with a little "dee dee dee" as he brushed.