Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Funny morning

This morning, A came out of his room, and is typical, threw a tantrum on the hall floor. Needing to get myself ready, I let him go to town and continued doing my thing. I heard silence, and so went into the hall to find him admiring the old space heater we have in the hall. He asked me something about it--can't remember what--and went about his merry way. I came back a few minutes later to find he had switched that space heater with the one in his room... silly.

He then came into the bedroom, and asked to put his blanket on the bed. I helped him do that, and then he asked to go up on the bed. He had already asked for his "football game," so I put A, along with the football, on the bed. He then curled up, football cuddled, with his head on the kiki and the thumb in the mouth, to be bop to the classic rock station on the clock radio.

Meanwhile, I just came home from the world's longest doctor's appointment (3:45 appointment, walked out the door at 5:20, saw the doctor for all of 10 minutes). Things look good, not that they really look at anything at these appointments, but heard the heartbeat! It is good, and 147 bpm!