Saturday, November 28, 2009


I've been fighting off something for almost a week now (sore throat, constant sneezing, etc) but it seems to have hit me full force today. Having spent much of the morning sleeping, the only remedy we could find that seemed ok was Tylenol Cold (nighttime), which I'm not even positive is ok. So, this stuff just knocked me out, and here it is, 11:00, and I've achieved nothing on my list.

So, this is how I get to spend our time off/weekend. I can never figure out whether it's better to be sick during the week (which can be so awful, not getting the chance to sleep in and really recover, being exposed to even more germs) or to be sick on a weekend/day off (extra sleep, no real stress/pressure, but then, it's your OWN time).

At least I feel less sinus pressure and less headachy. I also think that once the sleep medicine wears off, maybe I'll be able to get something done.