Sunday, July 18, 2010

Big Brother

I cannot believe that in less than 2 weeks, A will be a three year old. We hear a lot of "I'm gonna do it MYSELF!" and the other day, he made me teary when he screamed "Leave me ALONE" at me. At the same time, he can be so incredibly sweet, giving hugs to Little Brother and saying, "That's MY baby!" He is such a good helper--he loves to help cook dinner and will help Daddy do just about anything.

When we ask him why he did something, the most common response? Because I did.

He continues to favor Daddy...a LOT. The difference between now and when Little Brother was born is that he will now give me some love. And he says "I love you" OFTEN. It warms the cockles of my heart.

His singing voice is not the greatest you've ever heard, but he picks up on lyrics to songs pretty quickly. If it's just us, he will ask to hear "The Hey La Song," (aka: The Best of What's Around) and can sing the whole first verse. Here he is, singing La La La La Lemon. Apologies for my shushing Little Brother, and that you can't hear the original so well, because it's hilarious--he's waiting for the lyric that comes after La La La... (Ok, that's coming later...the upload isn't working well)

We're preparing for his third birthday party in a few weeks. I took him to the party store and asked him to pick from all the choices for invitations, and he chose Spiderman. This choice always brings to mind this. (Spiderman. Irving Spiderman). I walked into the house today with a bag from the Disney Store. He asked, "Is that for my party?" I told him no, it was a gift for someone else. I asked if he thought the other kid would like it and he said yes. So, of course, I asked if HE wanted it (the bag) and he said yes! This kid loves him some Mickey Mouse! (And Toy Story; they were on the bag too!)