Sunday, July 18, 2010


On Thursday, we saw a pediatric orthopedist about A's collarbone. After about a five minute appointment, we found out he no longer needs to wear the sling or brace, and that it takes kids his age about 4 weeks to heal. That's about it. He looked at the xrays from the hospital (as an aside, technology? Freaking awesome! We forgot the disc with the xrays at home [as if that wasn't cool enough...] and so the doctor was able to access the records online from the hospital. Sweet!). We have an appointment in two weeks to take more xrays and to see how things are healing.

He does still have a slight bruise, but it is no longer scary colors. He doesn't seem to be really holding back as much as he was, and we even put him on some boardwalk rides with success. Phew!