Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Independence at G & G's

We went to Mom and Dad's house for the weekend in celebration on the Fourth. For whatever reason, we managed to avoid traffic every time! Wahoo! We did a ton of exciting things with the boys, although I don't think E got a whole lot out of it...

  • Grampy took M & A on the boat to Party Island. They walked and walked and walked. Not so much swimming, but lots of wading, shell picking, and digging.
  • G & G watched E so we could take A to his FIRST MOVIE in the theater! We went to see Toy Story 3, which M & I loved and A just enjoyed the whole experience. He told us today that he wanted to watch TS3, and was upset (Why??) that we couldn't do it for him. Of course we got him popcorn for his first movie!
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  • We took A to Fantasy Island to ride the rides. He had a blast in the arcade, just pushing buttons and looking at everything. E enjoyed the arcade too; flashing lights and colors worked well for him. A really wanted to go on the big pirate ship, and we didn't have the time to take him on the little pirate ship. The rides he DID go on were the carousel, the trucks, teacups (shrieking with laughter on this one!), the Dragon roller coaster (Daddy said they both loved this one), the cars, and the Honey Bees. We had to deal with a pretty substantial tantrum as we left, though. He didn't WANT to leave; he wanted to go back NOOOOOW.
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  • We went to a Fourth of July party. A went in the pool (so did E!), but had the most fun playing with a girl who was a little bit older. They had so much fun together, running around, splashing in the pool. For the most part, he was good about sharing, although there were definitely a few instances of issues. We decided to stay for the fireworks, keeping A up until WELL past his bedtime. He did great, and asked everyone "which one do you like? I like the Blue ones!" We also kept E up, but he slept through the whole thing in my arms.