Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cloth diapers.

E wears cloth diapers. It started from the desire to preserve the environment, but I figured there was no way it was a financially smart decision. Then I did some research, and the claims are that cloth diapering can save thousands over disposable diapers. One website even made some claim that one can go through a whole package of wipes during a particularly bad diaper change session--an experience I never had with A, so I had a hard time believing it.

Then I thought about the numbers. Size 1 diapers cost about 19 cents each, and wipes cost about 3 cents each. For ten diaper changes a day, that's $2.20 a day. To recoup the costs of cloth diapers and accessories so far, if I can keep this going for 8 months, we've broken even. Anything beyond that is gravy. Then, I can theoretically sell these babies when our diapering days are over.

I also read (and this was the big push for me with E) that cloth diapers can reduce (or even eliminate) diaper rash. E had a persistent and painful looking rash from about a week old. His pediatrician recommended using a washcloth instead of wipes, saying that even the sensitive ones can irritate a sensitive bum. The washcloth method wasn't helping, so we switched to Huggies naturals diapers, which helped a little bit. But switching to cloth cleared it up overnight.

It hasn't been all peaches and cream. M was not on board, mostly because he isn't interested in dealing with poop. I'm worried about how this will play out when E gets to solids. I'm assured it's "not that bad." We shall see. In places I've looked, cloth diaper moms say that you're supposed to put poop in the toilet for a disposable diaper anyway, that it says right on the package (I looked, and couldn't find it on the diapers I have). That makes sense, but seriously? How many people do that? I've been doing it for A's diapers since reading that, and it's helped with odors especially with this super hot weather we're having.

Additionally, E gets upset when he gets wet. Not a bad thing, I suppose, but it's not something we dealt with while A was young--he never really complained about a wet or soiled diaper. Thus, it was easy to forget to change him, creating other problems.

And despite not being in FAVOR of the switch, M has been on BOARD with the switch.