Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Eagle has Landed.

When Neil Armstrong said that the Eagle had landed 41 summers ago, I don't think he meant pooping on the potty. But around here, pooping on the potty is certainly one small step for man...and all that jazz.

I had picked up a few toys from freecycle for A, and decided these would become potty rewards. When we start hardcore on July 5, my plan was to make a chart and for so many stickers on that chart, A would get to pick a toy from a bag. He found one of those toys in the garage and started playing with it (my master plan was unbeknownst to Daddy, who let him play with it). Amazing agreeable kid that he is, he willingly gave it back to us and agreed to getting it as a potty reward.

So, Daddy decided to go in little steps and told A if he had NO accidents all day today, he could get his spaceship back. No surprise, #1 was no real problem. He really didn't tell us when he HAD to go, but went every time we told him it was time with no issue--including out at a store.

The very big deal came around 10am, when he said, "I have to go potty," and just let loose. As if this wasn't a big enough deal as it is, he went ALL day with NO accidents! So proud of my little A!!