Sunday, June 13, 2010

An interesting method.

So, we just had an awesome trip to the potty. (Now there's a phrase I never expected to say/think). (Oh, and being about the potty, you can imagine where this is've been warned).

It seems that A won't go for M, but will for me. He was originally on the little potty, but I convinced him to go on the big one ('ll find out why in a minute). I got him up there and he got going. Somewhere along the way, he said there was a shark in the toilet. I expect this would freak some kids out, but I told him to shoot it (how I've gotten him to pee), and it worked like a charm. We ended up throwing every character in the ADS lexicon into the toilet, as well as his shirt, the wall, his M&Ms, his stool, etc etc etc into the toilet so he could shoot them. This also allowed him to go #2 on the potty! (if you've never cleaned poop out of a kiddie potty, it's definitely much much better to use the big one!) He told me the first one was Mommy... gross, but I rolled with it and asked if he could make a Daddy--he did, making an Alex and an Evan as well. Yeah, I was grossed out too, but I'll do the song and dance if it makes this easier.

In the end, this process took 20 minutes. I couldn't believe it.