Thursday, June 17, 2010

Things E Likes

At 8 weeks, there are quite a few preferences E has.

  1. The car. He loves to go for car rides, and falls asleep really fast. No surprise here; don't ALL babies love the car?
  2. His monkeys. He has a pack n play with a mobile that has monkeys. He reaches for them and coos at them. (As an aside, A loves to turn ON the monkeys for E... a way to keep them BOTH entertained!)
  3. Running water. He was screaming as we gave him his bath, but as soon as we turned on the water, he was a happy both.
  4. Being naked. His witching hour is from 7-8pm typically. If we strip him down to his diaper, it generally leads to a short reprieve. When M strips him down to change him for bed, this is a surefire way for Daddy to get some smiles.
  5. Being outside. M used to take A for walks around the house when he was a baby, hoping to instill in him a love of nature. E, however, is very much soothed by being outside. This is yet another way M tries to deal with the witching hour. Another thing that's like a switch, taking E from fussy to happy.