Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tales from the Potty

We (I) decided it was time to get A on the potty seriously and consistently. His daycare teacher recommended sending him into school in underwear last Monday, but M decided against it. Friday, we went to the store and let him pick out his underwear (Marvel comics), then started in earnest on Saturday. It went fairly well, even as we went out and ran some errands. Except those errands caused Mommy to be distracted and we ended up falling off our every 30 min schedule. So, we had a couple accidents, one of them was major. Of course the major one was on our last pair of underpants, our last pair of pants, and got all over his socks and shoes. Poor kid had to walk through the mall in a tshirt and diaper. That's it. I then somehow managed to push the stroller and carry A to the car--serves me right.

Today has been going a little bit better; we haven't yet left the house. The good thing about yesterday's fiasco is that he was using a regular big person potty (which is what they use at school), so today we have mostly been using the regular big person potty too. We've discovered that he's holding back and not letting everything go, which could explain the few accidents he's had between the 30 minute mark. A problem that I can't figure out how to correct, other than promising him a goody for each time he pushes a little more out.

This is quite an extravaganza, but I can't believe that my baby is growing up and using the potty. SNIFFLE!