Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kawaii Diapers, a review

E has been waking up with such full diapers at his 3am changing, I've come to the conclusion that he's been waking so frequently because of the diapers.  I discovered that many moms use Kawaii, which can be purchased lots of places but I bought through, for overnight.  I checked it out and discovered their prices are way cheaper than the other diapers I've been using (like under $10 cheap).  There are several different styles, and even a Heavy Wetter style, but I went with the Heavy Duty.  They also have all kinds of fun prints, though I went with blues (the Heavy Duty only comes in solids).

My first impression was that the aplix seemed really strong, and more importantly to me, that they might actually stay attached to the laundry tabs.  That held true on the first washing at least!  The next thing we together noticed was that it seemed really big on our little peanut.  I had the rise set just as I do on our other one size diapers, on the second setting. 

Maybe I shouldn't say this and jinx myself, but his first night in the Kawaii diaper had E sleeping 8 hours without waking.  I fed him and didn't change him.  He went on to sleep another 3 hours, went back to sleep ON HIS OWN, and woke for the day half an hour later.  What's that, you say?  He didn't get changed all night and slept really well?  Yes, yes he did.  We'll see how it goes on night two, but I may be writing a love letter to the folks at Kawaii diapers!