Thursday, January 6, 2011

Over the River and Through the Woods

My kids only have one living great grandparent, my grandmother Mom Mom.  Likewise, her five other great grandchildren live 5+ hours away and don't come to NJ all that often.  I told A today that he "might just be her favorite person ever."  She calls, talks to M or me for a few seconds, then asks to speak with A.  The conversation almost always goes the same:  How are you?  Did you go to school today?  Are you a good boy?  I love you!, but it makes her happy and it makes me happy that he gets to know his great grandmother.  Further, he's learning a million and one lessons about how to talk on the phone and manners. 

See, my great grandmother doesn't hear so well.  This makes those phone conversations pretty funny for M and I, since more often than not, what she hears as his answers is actually E making noises or the tv.  But A does a great job--when I say, "You need to say it a little louder," he does... and is getting to the point where he will do it automatically.  It also helps me to explain why "uh huh" (or worse, "mmhmm") isn't as good an answer as "yes."

We drove down to see her today for dinner, and it again reminds me of how lucky we are with this boy.  He is so well mannered and well behaved.  I also get the opportunity to teach him how to speak up for himself.  Mom Mom offered him two dessert choices, pudding or apple pie.  He wanted the pudding, but she then said "Let's have the apple pie now, and you can take the  pudding home."  I said to him, "If you would rather have the pudding than the apple pie, you need to tell her so." 

He is such a sweet, kind little boy, that ADS.