Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Signs Signs, everywhere the signs....

M began teaching sign language to A around the time he became verbal.  I can clearly remember A shoving food in his mouth, and making the sign for "more."  He became more vigorous when A started potty learning, having heard that teaching a kid the sign for "diaper" will help him to communicate his need to be changed OR that he NEEDS to go.  That wasn't so much the case with A, but he is really excited to do signs and loves to practice them.

When E started solids, I started working on the signs with him.  "E," I'd sign, "more food?"  This would typically get him to open his mouth for more.  It worked.  Otherwise, I've been pretty sporadic.

The other day, I saw him putting his fingers together doing what I thought was an early clap.  Today, however, I said "more?" and he made the sign.  Every time I said the word, he'd do the sign.  I'm not sure what he wants more OF, but he is so damn proud of himself when I understand what he's trying to tell me!

Video is so short because for some reason, my new phone only lets me email super short clips.  I made another video in which he did it, on command, three times.  Maybe I can figure out how to upload that.