Monday, March 21, 2011

11 months!!??


E turned 11 months old yesterday.  Unreal!  This year has flown unbelievably fast.

At 11 months, he:

Crawls wherever he wants to go.  That said, this is the belly drag, but it gets him successfully where he wants to go.  I think he looks like someone rowing a canoe, because he "paddles" to the right to the left, rather that just going straight.

Waves when you wave at him, or if you say hi.

Claps when you clap, or if you say YAAAAY!!!

Favorite toys include:  the dustpan and broom, the flyswatter, and his bedroom door.

LOVES climbing up on Mommy and Daddy.  He's so proud of himself and just laughs and laughs.

Once he starts climbing on us, he is able to pull himself up to standing if we hold his hands.  
Loves to take steps with help, but will only take one or two before plopping down.

Typically sleeps from 7am-anywhere between 6:30 and 7:30, with one waking (usually around 5am).  
Typically naps from 9am-11am and 1pm-3pm.  This is almost always in the crib, where he's covered by his Grammi blanket, and cuddled with his giraffe.  He listens to the sound of waves.

Today, however, he would NOT take a nap, and I finally quieted him down only to discover:

 Loves his big brother to no end.

Is usually comforted best by Mommy...

...though Daddy is usually more successful at getting him back to sleep when he wakes at night.

His favorite game involves Mommy "accidentally" dropping and then catching him.  Today, I was playing this game with A while E was in M's arms.  E started bouncing that he wanted Daddy to do it too!

The only sign he does is "more," but he only does it if we ask, and it looks more like clapping than more.  He understands (but doesn't sign) A, milk, cookie, play.

Loves food.  Loves.  If he wants food, he will scream until he gets more food.  If he doesn't like the food you've given him, or if he's had enough, he will throw it on the floor.  Or the table.  At dinner, he often eats more than A, and sometimes eats as much as Mommy.


Has taken to doing this new sound in the past three or so days, which we call "The Pterodactyl."  He screeches.  It doesn't stop.  It goes on all day.  He does it when he wants more food.  He does it when he's bored.  I'm not sure what else it means, but it is tough.

Loves storytime, but it has to be in his room in his rocking chair.  If I try to read a story to the boys downstairs, he will sit for one page and start crying and rolling, but upstairs, we have read 5-6 pages of a REGULAR Dr. Seuss book.



Anonymous said...

That look in his eyes.......gonna be T-r-o-u-b-l-e

C. Wright said...

I have personally witnessed E's love of food. It's amazing what this kid can put down!