Friday, March 25, 2011

Family Game Night

We have a little tv junkie on our hands (in addition to the Mommy and Daddy sized tv junkies).  One Thursday night, A was pestering about tv for one reason or another, and M told him he would not be watching tv on Friday nights, effective the next day.  I jumped on the opportunity for Family game Night!

It has been a huge success.  We've played games one night, and a few other things, but tonight we took advantage of A and my gym membership and went to open swim.  We went for about half an hour and had a great time.  E loves just kicking his feet; he really looks like a little wiggle worm!  A is becoming more and more confident in the pool, though he still relies on the bubble and noodle.  He was very excited to show some of the things he does in class, like "Choo Choo."  In Choo choo, they hang on the wall of the pool and move along it in a train.  He was so thrilled to show this to me.

It was really fun to have a good time and get out of the house without costing us any additional money.  It was also great to get A in the pool during the lull between sessions.  Definitely not an every week activity, but something we can do while we still have the membership!