Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crawling in my skin...

I've been getting a little nervous that E isn't yet full on crawling, isn't yet pulling up to standing, etc. 

He's going at his own pace, of course, but it's a LOT later than A crawled, and I remember thinking that was late.

Lately, he's been pushing onto all fours and rocking, scooting himself forward, then dropping to the floor.  Kiddo moves pretty quickly doing the army crawl, so I guess he doesn't have a real need.  Today, I caught him using one of the couch cushions to push up to kneeling.

It is also his preference to climb.  He only climbs on and over us, but it's clear that that's what he likes to do.  He has climbed UP my chest, over M's legs, and he just cracks himself up.