Sunday, September 11, 2011


The boys had a great first day of school!

Whether because it was really time, or because he'd been going into the same room and playing when we dropped off his brother, E took right to it.  There were no tears (for anyone) at drop off in the first (or second week!)  Here are the boys at drop off on the very first day!

Drop Off, Day 2

Here they are on MY first day with kids.

Unfortunately for me, they won't open the doors until 7am now.  When we started, they were closer to my route and also let us in a little bit early.  No more.  I've got it down so I leave all their stuff for the day in the drop off room, and am back in the car by 7:04.  This gets me to work about half an hour before the start of classes... it's pretty hectic.

Our daycare is willing to use our cloth diapers.  It's been an experience, for sure.  The system I've gotten down so far is to start with 10 diapers, then I replace them every other day.  We haven't yet had the discussion about bringing them home for the weekend, and we've had a hard time making it through the weekend with the diapers we have.  "They" say that using diaper cream on cloth diapers is bad for them (decreases absorbency especially), so I gave them these toilet paper like things to use... they really haven't use them PLUS, we don't have any here.  So many things to think about!  I also left a package of disposable diapers just in case there weren't enough or anything else happened.  It's funny, I typically only use one of our wipes to change a diaper, but they use four or five.  I also think it's funny that every single diaper goes into a plastic bag, which goes into my bag.  I guess their system is their system, but I just find it strange!

As for me, things are going ok on the back to school thing.  I feel completely overwhelmed--the house is beyond disaster (clutter due to being messy and also due to the contents of the office being in the hallway due to a leak induced hole in the ceiling there), cleaning is seriously falling behind, but I'm managing.  This year, I'm teaching US2, which I have taught before, but it was so long ago, it doesn't count, Economics, which I taught for two years before A was born, and this online course that doesn't have physical class meetings.  So, I'm juggling basically new courses with the juggle of two kids for the first time.

M says he's having a hard time with being sole parent for awhile after work.  He said for the past year, he'd have some downtime before having to hang out with the boys.  Now, I'm either not home when they come home, or rushing to cook dinner.  

So, the great news is the only one having a tough time with it all are Mom and Dad!