Sunday, September 11, 2011


Here it is, 1 week to triathlon!  I haven't been training as consistently as I'd have hoped so close to the big day, but life has gotten in the way of training.
Yesterday, I hit the pool.  I did about 10 laps (50 yds each).  I did not do 10 laps without stopping, which sort of freaks me out (the triathlon is 1/4 mile, or about 8 laps), but I also have been training doing the freestyle while my plan is to freestyle until I start to get winded, then switch to breast stroke for awhile.)
I also ran for a bit yesterday.  I really dread the running piece, so have really been slacking on the training.  Of course, everyone says it's ok to walk it, but I'd really love to jog it as well as walk it.  So, I jogged about 1.25 miles at a pretty slow pace.  I definitely think I can walk faster than I was jogging at times.
Today, I got on the bike.  For the at-home training, I've been keeping to our little block here, mostly because it's relatively flat--our neighborhood is really hilly, which I think is likely to frustrate me and so if I keep it more flat, I figure I'm way more likely to keep at it.  I figure I did about 4 miles and felt really good, despite pretty sore thighs.

I can't believe I'm actually doing this!  I hope I finish; that's how I define my success in this!