Thursday, September 29, 2011


Here we are, almost to the last day of September.  The list of what hasn't gotten done is enormous, including keeping up around these parts.

So, in September:

  • Back to School.  Both boys have done wonderfully at school.  No tears, no worries.  E got bit yesterday and his teacher was super surprised he didn't even cry.  My reply?  "He has a big brother."
  • The triathlon!  I did it!  My times weren't great--I really couldn't run the whole thing... I really couldn't run more than a quarter of it.  Some (incredibly awesome, I didn't know they were taking pictures at all) pictures:


  •  E turned 17 months, and I didn't even get a picture of him in the chair.    At 17 months, E:
    • walks
    • bounces, sort of jumps
    • trots, sort of runs
    • says Mama, Dada, psspss (the international sound to call a kitty), whoa, uh oh OFTEN
    • Occasionally says something that sounds like more, something that sounds like milk, something that sounds like brother
    • Occasionally signs more, milk
    • LOVES to give kisses.  He lets us know by making that smacking noise that everyone knows means "I want a kiss."
    • Loves to cuddle, but it's likely only going to be for a minute before he's off and running to the next thing
    • Loves to read books, but only at bedtime.  Most night, he won't go to sleep if I've skipped that step
    • Sometimes needs to be put to bed by Mommy then Daddy--if I just put him down, he'll cry until Daddy does his bedtime routine too.
    • Typically starts bedtime at 6:30
    • Typically sleeps until 6:15
    • Will occasionally look at the tv for a minute if it's on, but generally isn't interested
    • Loves pressing buttons, so calculators, timers, and other things with buttons that beep are among his favorite toys
    • Is called "Sweetie" by Daddy
    • Is a LAUGH-ER.  It seems he's always giggling and generally a very happy kid
    • Is a SCREAM-ER.  More often than not, he's imitating his brother or it's a testing out what this voice-thing can do
    • Is very difficult to take out to restaurants.  He wants to sit in Daddy's lap most of the time, demands a walk around the restaurant, and will end up doing something that gets him yelled at.
    • From Daddy:  Is stubborn, and has a really wicked temper, but when he wants to be, can be the sweetest child on the planet.  His smile lights up a room.

  • Tomorrow, A turns 4 years and 2 months, so since I'm writing, at 4 years and 2 months, A is:
    • Incredibly sweet and charming.  Yesterday, we had a fight over which door we'd use to leave in the morning.  Fed up with the tantrum, I threatened to take away his tv time, at which point he thrashed in my arms (I was carrying him to the car), wacked my chin with his head, and chipped my tooth.  He stopped his tantrum to ask if I was ok and if I wanted him to kiss it.
    • But yet he still throws some wicked tantrums.
    • Nevertheless, in general, he's incredible kind and patient with his brother, and shares with him often.  They do fight because, like most brothers I'm sure, one boy will put a toy down "for a minute," and the other will come along and claim it while the first wasn't really finished.
    • a TV Addict.  If there's a tv on, he's watching it, even if he can't hear it or understand what's going on.  He'll yell at you if you dare walk in front of the tv while he's watching.
    • funny.  He just cracks me up sometimes, like this morning when he called me (jokingly), "You little punk."
    • Changing--I've noticed that his face is different somehow this month, more defined perhaps.
    • From Daddy:  Always excited to do stuff; he always wants to try something new, and he loves to eat out and try new restaurants.  He's NOT into food [still a big mac and cheese and cheeseburger fan] and trying new foods.    Super energetic--would be running all the time if he could.  Loves to be active, loves to be outdoors.  He loves his books, but isn't big into actually reading [he'll yell at us when we try to get him to read words, that he just wants to listen].  He's a good big brother.

  •  My birthday!  It was pretty low key this year, with the whole overwhelmed with back to work and being in the  midst of a CRAZY work week (after school meeting Tuesday, Back to School Night Thursday, plus school pictures for the boys, plus bunches of other stuff going on), but we all went out to dinner on Friday.  The boys gave me a picture of the three of them from Picture People; absolutely adorable, though I haven't yet gotten it digital.

I'm a lucky girl