Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lover boy

E is such a lover boy.  He's a cuddle monkey.  To be honest, he's the king of what my mother in law called the "drive by loving."

He'll ask to be held, cuddle for a minute, then take off for a little while, and lather, rinse, repeat.

The other day, they were all home already when I came home from work.  I put down my things and started talking to M, without first greeting the boys.  E came over, whined a little, and then stuck his face in my legs for the 18th month old's version of a hug.  I quickly corrected my error and gave him my full attention.

cell phone

As far as words, he doesn't say much, but boy does he communicate.  E says MaMa, which can mean different things---sometimes it means MaMa, sometimes it means DaDa, and sometimes it means Brother.  He definitely says "nana," for banana.

When we recently went to a consignment sale, the boys found this slide.  E communicated, through a series of grunts and whines, his desire to climb it.

cell phone

He loved it; had it not been so expensive, I'd have bought it even though we really don't have a place or space for it.

The other day, A, M, and Bepah went for a bike ride.  E, of course, also wanted to go outside.  I took him outside to play in the yard, and remembered that we had a Cozy Coupe in the basement.  I somehow managed to get it upstairs and outside, while holding the squirmy 25 pound child, and made said squirmy 25 pound child's day.

cell phone

Speaking of consignment, I bought a package of maracas there for E.  The boys pretty much fight a LOT over them, because A only wants the blue one while E wants whatever is in his hands at the moment.  E typically walks around with a maraca in one hand and a fork in the other.

cell phone

He's thriving at daycare and is so excited to get there every day.  A kid from his class gets there at the same time as we do, so E always says hi and waves to his friend.  He's doing well with the timing of school--he goes to sleep pretty soon after dinner, around 6:30, and sleeps until I wake up A (usually), around 6:15.  And he keeps on growing---we have to take the time this weekend to adjust the straps on his carseat again!