Sunday, October 23, 2011

18 months

E turned 18 months three days ago.  And I just got around to taking a picture in the chair.  At least it didn't get totally skipped like last month.

Today, we made the trip to Sesame Place.  M learned that E can say "Nana," (banana) or at least he heard it for the first time.  I learned he can say "Elmo," or something that means "Elmo," and at home, he can say "Ball." 

I wanted to get him his own stuffed thing from there, since A has an Elmo from SP as well as a Cookie Monster that's similar.  He chose Big Bird... random, but it's what he wanted.  He's currently sleeping with BB in his arms.

I saw a new tooth today--upper left canine.

He loved wearing his costume around the park... we even got a picture of him in the headpiece, though it lasted less than 2 minutes, and the gloves, which he loved to wear, also didn't last very long.

He was so cute with his tail dragging behind:

And today, he went on almost all the same rides A did, for the very first time.  Both went on "Ernie's Big Bed," seen here (he kept saying "Whoa"), the teacups, the bug ride, climbed on some stuff.  He didn't go on "Elmo's Flying Fish," but only because M went to do something and I wasn't able to accompany both boys.

He's also starting to run.  He looked so darn cute, running in his toddler way, in that costume.  Worth every penny of $4.