Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sesame Place

Today, we went to Sesame Place.  I really love going in the late fall, because the weather is still gorgeous to be outside (it was about 70 when we left this afternoon), the place is all decked out for Halloween, there are new shows, the kids (and some adults) walk around in their costumes and can trick or treat too.  It's not nearly as crowded either, though it can seem like it is because there are less places for people to be.

Alex is a pirate this year, and had a great time walking around the park in his costume. 

I think we did the headband more "Karate Kid" than "pirate," but the kid was happy.

He was excited to go on "Ernie's Big Bed," and was asking about it on the ride there--would he be able to go in the big kid's line this time?  Alas, the lines are 4 and under and 5 and up, but there were so few people today, it was a great free for all.

Trick or Treating:

The Peek a Bug ride:

We got to see a show with lots of the characters; A sat on my lap the whole time:

I also want to mention that today, A put E's shoes on for him.  My little helper!

My cutie booty is getting so big!!