Monday, August 18, 2014

Buffalo Day 2

For our first day in town, it was a Mommy and boys day, since M was at the college presenting.

I again turned to Yelp for breakfast ideas, and discovered Sweetness 7. I am so glad I did, because this place was awesome.  First piece of awesome was the food... the boys each had a bowl of oatmeal, which was loaded with brown sugar, nuts, and fruit, for $5 each.  Next piece of awesome was the free refills on coffee.  For my food, I went simple with a ham and cheese omelet, which was quite tasty.

The next piece of awesome was that they had games.  This is one of those places where people clearly go to camp, and it made me happy to introduce my sons to pick up sticks, which they'd never played before.  The atmosphere was funky and cool too; another piece of awesome.
We took our time getting out, before we headed to the Buffalo Museum of Science. On the way up, I saw they had an exhibit on Mummies, which I thought they boys would enjoy, and the deal was even sweeter when I found a Groupon. 
His name is Stuffy!
This was the boys' favorite part, made even more fun by Google's Auto-Awesome.  As we were in the museum, they kept asking to go back to the rockets.

The boys really enjoyed this, but of course it transferred sideways.  It was a game to get your heart racing and to test your reaction time.  E loved pressing the button.  Over. and Over.
The museum had a typical Natural History museum feel, with the in the case stuffed things, exploring the history of western New York.  But it also had a ton of interactive science areas, like this section all about weather and the earth.

This design thing was so fun; you had to figure out how to move the ball from place to place using the different tubes.
We discovered the downstairs, which had a play station with water tables and a simulation of the moon landing.

In the end, we could not take photos in the Mummies exhibit, but you probably wouldn't want to see photos of them anyway.  It was really interesting, but the boys got pretty freaked out about halfway through.  When they told M about their visit, they kept telling him this or that happened before or after the part with the zombies.

I have a friend from Buffalo, and we were able to get together for lunch.  The kids had fun playing and making funny faces for the camera...

And it was so nice to see my friend1

For lunch, we went to Ted's Hot Dogs, since she said that's one of the things people like to eat when they come to Buffalo. I read some Yelp reviews, which recommended the Loganberry drink.  I'd recommend SKIPPING this, unless you like drinking the sweetest thing you've ever drunk in your life.  I can't remember what comparison I made, but it was a sweet one. The fries were pretty good, and the hot dogs were... fine.  They have a skin, and I'm not a fan of skin-on dogs, but it appears you can order without.

For dinner, we met M and his presentation partner for The Pearl Street Brewery. We all agreed that the beers were good while the food was... fine.

A fun day all around, though the food was pretty fine.