Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Buffalo day 4

It was our first day with Daddy!

The boys started their day looking for frogs in the pond.

Since we were in a real house, with a real kitchen, we ate bagels from home for breakfast. But, I just couldn't make do without some coffee (I brought creamer, but not coffee; silly me!)
Timmy's to the rescue!
Since I got coffee, it made sense to get the family some Timbits. Next time, though, we have to go inside. The assortment given in the drive thru was wholly unsatisfying.

We went to Darien Lake Amusement Park. We wanted to do this anyway, so it was thrilling to find a Groupon that made the price affordable. Again, the weather was weird, with sun when we arrived and chilly wind later in the day, so we were happy to have layered.
He was being strange in the morning, and didn't want to ride a horse.

M said he really wanted to ride the Ferris Wheel. A said it was too high (this from Mr. "I've been in an airplane, which is even higher than that, so I'm not afraid!") E freaked out, so M left the ride with him.
I'm going to cry because I do NOT want to go on this ride!
What a view!
Look who had a great time on the Ferris Wheel!?!

The really exciting thing about Darien Lake was the A is big enough to go on most of the rides. He rode the Motocoaster with Daddy...

..kiddie rides with E...

this was in line for the Viper, which A rode with Daddy... he also rode the Boomerang with me. M got GREAT video of A on that ride; he was freaking out, right before the ride dropped us. By the time we passed M at the loading area, he was having a great time on the ride.

While A went with M again on the Ferris Wheel, I took E on some kiddie rides.

We had a great day at Darien Lake! On the way home, we decided to stop for some dinner (we ate lunch in the park). M had received a recommendation for Bar Bill Tavern. When we arrived, we realized it wasn't really that kid friendly, and this was made worse by the no credit card policy. Due to all this and a wait, we headed elsewhere for dinner, and found the Riley Street Station. Credit cards taken, kid friendly, and much more interesting to look at. I wasn't really hungry, so I had a great salad and a delicious soup, and the family was very happy with their meals too.

Again going back to the house, the boys cuddled under a blanket as they watched tv.

Since M didn't have a sweatshirt with him, and we were so chilly on this day, we decided we needed to pickup warmer stuff for the next day!