Sunday, August 17, 2014

Buffalo trip day 1

Long time no post.  Again!

What's better to get back into it than documenting our recent family trip to Buffalo!  M again had a speaking engagement, and this time we tagged along for the whole trip.  We left home around 9:30 and got on the road.  
Somewhere in PA....

Seven hour trip, including a stop for a delicious lunch and a few bathroom stops, makes one very punchy.

As I mentioned, our first lunch stop was delicious.  We started to get hungry so I turned to Yelp and we selected The River Rose in Owego, NY.  We were able to eat on their patio and enjoy our delicious and interesting sandwiches (I was too hungry to take any snaps first).  Inside was an antiques store of sorts, with different themed areas like Halloween, the sea, and Christmas.

We finally pulled into Buffalo around 5pm, got settled, and went to the famed Anchor Bar.
We were pretty happy with our Rusty Chain, and the wings were good but not really anything one would "write home about."  Again, no photos, but in comparison to the wings we had at Gabriel's Gate on our last visit, these seemed small.  Our wing hunt for B-lo must soldier on.

After dinner, M needed to do some work to prepare for his presentation the next day, and I took the boys to the pool.  Despite being billed as a heated outdoor pool, the gloomy and chilly weather meant this pool was too cool for me.  The boys had a great time, though!

Sadly, this is where I was when I heard of Robin Williams's death.

We then moved to the room to get ready for bedtime.  When we purchased our Chromecast, this was the exact situation M used to justify the purchase to me.  When we travel, he said, we can just plug it in and show them Sesame Street or whatever and not worry about what tv the hotel has.  Well, we now know that Chromecast does not work in a wifi that requires sign on.  So, luckily, M had also loaded movies onto his computer, so they were happy just watching that.

Despite my dread over our first shared hotel room experience, it worked out quite well.  The first night was tough after traveling because they boys were way more fidgety and not very tired, but the room was quiet because M went down to the lobby to work and I just read my book.  It ended up working out pretty well, and we all got a pretty good night's sleep!