Monday, January 5, 2009

Well, it's official.

My son is officially a toddler. First, he's approaching running. The other day, he was walking around on his tip toes, which reminded me of my cousin, whom I remember walking like that as a 6 or 7 year old.

Next, well, the tantrums have begun. I was all alone with A from waking to sleeping yesterday and he really wore me out. He has been refusing most of the things we offer for dinner (although my Elios sure was appealing last night) so he's hungry most of the day. And screams as a result. And then refuses the food we offer.... unless it's fruit. Sigh.

It was very clear to me that the same old same old toys were boring him after so much time at home this week, so we hit the mall just for some new sights and sounds. It helped, but he quickly wanted out of the stroller.

It was lucky for me that A wanted to go to bed early, because I was POOPED out by the time he went to bed.

It isn't all bad, though, please don't get me wrong. A climbed up on the couch just to sit next to me. And then he climbed all over me. Then he gave me lots and lots of toothy kisses (that's right--kisses aren't sloppy, they're TEETH first!!).

Another funny story--for his Birthday, A received a stuffed Elmo. (that's one of his words I forgot to mention!!) Ever since his visit to Best Bud's (who has an Elmo Live!), A tries to squeeze his Elmo's nose to make it sing and dance. It's hilarious, but I'm wondering if he should get one too???

As I mentioned earlier, A has really sprouted in the past few weeks. He will soon be saying goodbye to all his 18 month clothes, which really stinks because we weren't anticipating it!!!


Linda said...

Sounds like it's been a bit of a rough time recently. Hopefully he'll start eating better and things will settle down. We're JUST starting to see the beginnings of tantrums over here!!