Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Christmas was a huge success around here. A was so well behaved in church (hooray for finally finding an 8am Mass!!), several people approached me to tell me how well behaved he was. YAY!

As for the day itself, we had a lot of fun with all the family, food, and presents. Although A was very excited to open presents, we were pleasantly surprised that he wanted to play with each one (although he definitely has his favorites) rather than just going through the process of opening packages, amassing more toys. He was very excited to see all his grandparents, and Mom Mom too.

The day after Christmas, we went to the Z's house for more celebrating. A and R were so happy to play with one another, and they even went to sleep in the same bed. Awwww.

The day after that, Aunt J and Uncle T came to visit so we could all go into NYC for the day on Monday. He was so happy to see them too! We went out to dinner, and A got to eat quesadillas. He loved them, and loved eating like a big boy too.

We had a great, although very windy, day in Manhattan. We walked around (and around, since we backtracked at least twice), saw some things, and ate some food. Of course, A was so happy to take the train--as soon as he saw one, he said he wanted to sit on it. He fell asleep as we walked around, and woke up around the time we were all eating lunch. For some reason, he refuses to wear gloves, and I really wished we had brought some blankets or had a Bundle Me. Alas, we didn't, and things turned out ok...

Happy holidays, and Happy New Year too!