Monday, December 14, 2009


At swimming class yesterday, we reached a few new milestones. First, A got to pick the songs we sang. He was very interested in singing certain songs, and told the teacher so. Next, he is now a BIG fan of JUMPING into the pool. He's still timid about doing it, especially from a standing position, but said YEAH! every time I asked if he wanted to jump in. It's funny when I think back on how upset he would get when he would get splashed, and now he just giggles. Next, the teacher had everyone go for a "big swim," where the kids take either a noodle or a barbell to kick the length of the pool. Since he wears a bubble, I decided to let go and see what happened. Sure enough, A kept on going, but got mad at me when I tried to show him how to kick from the hips rather than from the legs.