Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thunk thunk...

I'm getting kicked from the inside. It's especially interesting when one child is kicking me from inside and the other is going to town outside. I'm not yet at the point where you can see my belly ripple, but definitely at the feel the thunking from the outside point.

We had the ultrasound on Friday, and things went pretty well. The tech said, "look at how CUTE your baby is!!" to which I replied, "how cute for an ALIEN?" Mean Mommy.

They did find a little thing of concern in baby's brain; that's right, freak out Mommy spot of all places to pick. I can't even remember what it's called, but there's a part of the brain responsible for producing fluid that sometimes creates a...pocket of fluid. She reassured me that, due to the 12 week nuchal test, our chances of Downs is something like 1:10,000 but it does require another ultrasound in a few months to ensure it's been resolved. Add this to the fetal EKG we'll have in 2-3 weeks, and this baby will be at 4 ultrasounds.

We, unfortunately, did not reach a decision on names before M found out gender, so now the slope is a little trickier. Is an alliterative name too... superhero? What about "matching" names... how would the two of you reading this know if I was talking about A or A?

This weekend, we went to an annual Christmas party, and how much of a change A has had since we started taking him. At four months, we stayed for about 20 minutes before his screaming meant we had to go home. At 1 year four months, he slept just dandy in a pack n play in a bedroom, and at 2 years four months, he slept right on a regular bed, without any rails. This year, he was a hit and really enjoyed gambling and drinking...err, playing with the gambling games (craps dice and roulette were favorites...just like Mommy!) and sipping his juice. As always, he was thrilled to see Grampy and Grammi and Olivia. The highlight of his weekend, however, was his new toy; S & J gave him a firetruck. He loves this thing!!


I'm debating what to do about the big guy in the red suit this year. A freaks at the mention of his name, yet loves looking at images of Santa. So many people I know with kids his age had a lot of success with it this year, despite horrific experiences last.


--sme said...

A1 and A2 would work....