Sunday, December 20, 2009


Last night, we had our first real snow of the season. We just got in from outside. I'm so proud of A's snow outfit, since not only does it all match (except the gloves--the matching ones are WAY too big) despite being bought at all different times, but I got everything on deep discount (clearance or sale on top of coupon) or consignment. Sweet!

My son, who has thus far refused his gloves and hat (saying, "No hat, I wear hood"), wore his hat and gloves. Mommy and Daddy have started to get smart, and started last night with "Do you want to play in the snow tomorrow? Well then you have to wear your hat and gloves!" He was actually EXCITED to put them on today, same for his snow pants, which I couldn't even get on him to try on previously.

He liked the snow, and wanted to build a snowman...unfortunately, this snow isn't right for it, but was not at all a fan of the snowblower. He wanted to go by Daddy, but didn't like the snow being thrown. Speaking of which, our snowblower wouldn't start this morning, but luckily our neighbor is wonderful and loaned us his. I had picked up some kids' gardening tools from freecycle, and had the brilliant brainstorm of giving them to A to play with--a big hit. He helped me shovel the walkway with his shovel!

I tried to get A on my old Flexible Flyer, but the sled was just too heavy for this light snow. Maybe it will work when he is bigger and we can take him to the big sledding hill over at Rutgers where it will be packed more...

He didn't last a really long time, though, which was good because it was right about the same time my cheap snow boots had gotten my toes good and numb, but not TOO numb.

Pictures coming soon!


Anonymous said...

SCREW the snow. "I gotta go where it's warm"