Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back to School, part 2

M started work today. As a one car family for the moment, we all got up and out of the house at 6:30. Bleary eyed, we dropped M off, took A to school, got COFFEE, and came home. E was on his face, against the crib rail, and with his butt in the air when I went in. He woke up well and was very talkative on the car ride.

A's school has gone through several moves but have now landed in their permanent location. It is GORGEOUS. Everything is brand new, and his classroom even has a cool oatmeal sensory table. They have a potty in each room, and the toys are so cool--several play kitchens and some other things i don't remember. He starts today with his new teacher; I left a message for her to remind him to use the potty every once in awhile... I hope that will force him to go and maybe no accidents (though he had no accidents yesterday).

I don't know yet what today holds for E and me, but I hope to get him back on a regular schedule without his brother waking him and without a thousand errands to run. I also hope to get him napping in his crib this month.