Monday, September 20, 2010

E at 5 months



At five months, it appears that E is falling into a routine. His bedtime routine starts around 6 (depending on the dinner situation--I've had a few cold meals this week) and he's asleep by 7. He typically sleeps until about 2, and for the past few days has been sleeping until around 6:30.

Naps, however, are the opposite of routine. He is a classic cat napper, and wakes as soon as the car stops or he is placed in his crib. Even an attempt at nap today in his swing lasted a whole 20 minutes.

We've mostly stuck with cereals for solids, which he likes, but the few other foods we've given him haven't gone over too well. He does stick out his tongue at these.

He loves to sit in his bouncey seat and play with the dangling toys. He leans forward to grab onto them.

If he's on his back playing, he puts his legs up in the air.

He loves to be thrown in the air.

He loves to giggle and cuddle.

He throws up a LOT.

He loves the outside; it will calm him down from a panic pretty much instantly.

Mommy still gets the biggest smiles, though Big Brother FASCINATES him.

He is showing signs of teething--gnawing on everything, most especially cloths, drooling--but if his brother is any indication, we won't be seeing any actual teeth until around February!