Friday, September 24, 2010

Days like this.

I don't like days like this, days when E wakes before A.  Yesterday was great--A woke first, started squeaking his bed rail, which woke me.  He came into my room, got a little cuddle time, and we went downstairs to start breakfast when E started to wake.  He woke up giggling.  As a result, we had a fairly smooth day, though A got dropped off to daycare later.

Today, however, went something like this:
E wakes for a feeding at 5, we both go back to sleep.  He wakes again at 5:45, goes back to sleep, I get in the shower.  He wakes up while I'm in the shower but starts cooing.  Ok, he's up but he's happy.  I finish my shower, get dressed, etc, then go get him up.  He wakes up A at 6:30.  So, E and I are both ready for the day pretty much by the time A wakes up.  By the time A is finished his breakfast and starting to get dressed (when I HAVE to put E down somewhere), E has realized that he's still sleepy and starts to scream....  for about 20 minutes until we get in the car and get on our way.

Luckily, however, E is napping today.  This means Mommy not only got started at a more reasonable time, but also that Mommy gets some things done.  HOORAY!

So there are definite plusses to a day like this, especially if E is willing to take that precious nap!