Friday, September 17, 2010

So what would it be?

A friend posted this video, called Reflections on Motherhood, on facebook the other day. The question posed to a bunch of moms was, what would you tell yourself if you could go back to right before you had your first baby? After I dried my eyes, I thought about what I'd tell myself...

  • There will be days that you will cry more than he will.
  • This little charmer will not let you be the strict rule setter you thought you'd be.
  • Don't forget that a momma who is happy/fed/showered/doesn't have to pee takes much better care of a baby than one who isn't. Take care of yourself!
  • You will learn to interpret his cries. And then you won't be able to figure out what they mean again.
  • Find Mommy friends and a good babysitter!