Friday, May 20, 2011

Following up on A

Yesterday, A woke with what looked like big bites across his face.  Last night, he had a 102 degree temperature in the armpit, which I think translates to 0.9 degrees lower than "actual" temperature.  We figured we'd play the wait and see game.

This morning, he had a 98.8 degree temperature, and when I asked him how he felt and if he hurt, he said yes, his head hurt, his heel hurt, and pointed to the three "bites."  So I kept him home from school and called the doctor.

At the appointment today, she first looked at his foot.  I'd seen some redness where he pointed, but nothing like what was on his face.  She said she thought she saw a splinter, took it out, and he said he was better.  (As an aside, before she took it out, she asked if it hurt here, here, here, and over here on his other foot, to which he said yes to all.  Hmpf.)

She then said that it's likely he has Fifth's Disease, aka "hand slap."  When I asked about the "bite marks,"  she said it's not likely because they're so symmetrically placed, but that she couldn't rule it out completely.  I showed her the picture I took of A yesterday morning, and she said it looked totally different than it did today.

The good news is that he doesn't seem bothered by it, other than a little bit more cranky than normal.  Kiddo's still eating like a horse, playing, and the doctor remarked that he seemed to be in good spirits.

Nonetheless, I washed every stitch of bedding on A's bed, including the mattress cover and pillow tick.  I'm not entirely convinced it wasn't the doing of a spider or some other icky buggy, but I guess the spiders have a respite from my fumigating the whole house.