Thursday, May 26, 2011


I struggle with, as I'm sure many families do, the idea of eating organic food versus conventional ones.  Our bank account says conventional all the way--in many cases, it's much cheaper, though I've found that if I buy 3lb bags of organic apples, it's cheaper than the loose conventional... though you then don't get to select your individual pieces.

But a quick search will show you the benefits of organic foods.  In terms of produce, you're looking at foods grown without pesticides.  In terms of eggs, the chickens are free range, given no hormones, and eat vegetarian feed.

I've also found that, in my experience, organic produce and milk tends to last longer, so you get more value for your money.

I thought I was doing a good thing by replacing chicken nuggets for A with chick'n nuggets, a meatless alternative, but studies on soy range from the bad to the awful (GM soy destroying children).

I've also read some things about the harm caused by organic foods.  This  is the most reputable and more recent source I could find, and it's not that recent at all. 

Of course there's no right answer, and every family has to decide for itself.  I do my best to buy organic food from the "Dirty Dozen," as identified by EWG, though I don't think organic bell peppers have ever been in our budget.  We tried joining an organic produce co-op, but found that we were throwing so much away because the amounts were huge and there was always something we weren't eating--it's particularly tough with those who "know what they like".  Additionally, we couldn't say, "Hey, we love bananas, could we have more?" so had to go to the store for those anyway.  A great concept, and I really loved having farm fresh produce practically delivered to my door.

All the research I've done shows that locally produced, conventionally grown stuff is even better than organic stuff from far away.  So, I plan to take lots and lots of trips to the strawberry and raspberry fields this summer, and a few trips to get apples... I wonder if we can find pears too?