Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Who knows what you'll forget

Bedtime routine around here goes like this:

When he starts getting tired/cranky (usually set off by something or another, but usually by 7pm), I take E up to bed.  I change his diaper and put on his jammies, nurse him, brush his teeth while singing a song, read him a story, and put him to bed.  The funny thing is that he will only sit still to listen to a story while we are in THAT chair.  I can read him a full length Dr. Seuss book there, but he won't even sit for a board book anywhere else. 

Now that A's bedtime is moved back to 7:30, I then come downstairs and cuddle with him or read while he watches tv (tonight we held hands doing just that; so sweet!).  At 7:30, he "jumps up to [us]," which consists of him bouncing on the couch into our arms, and if it's Daddy who's catching him, he then gets thrown into the air as close as possible to the ceiling.  We go upstairs, he uses the bathroom, brushes his teeth, picks out his clothes and gets changed.  We then read him a story, he picks a song, and then usually allows whomever didn't sing that song to pick and sing the next song.

For the longest time, he only wanted to hear "Baa Baa Black Sheep."  Except that, for whatever reason, it HAD to be "Baa Baa BLUE Sheep."  I know this was after E had been born, so it was probably last summer/fall.

His current favorite choices are:  Itsy Bitsy Spider (I think that has to do more with the tickling than the song itself), Batman, ABCs, and "Delaware," aka The Fight Song.